“I’m Just a Farmer, Plain and Simple”
By Bobby Collier

I’m just a farmer,
Plain and simple.
Not of royal birth
But rather a worker of the earth.

I know not of riches
But rather, of patches on my britches
I know of drought and rain,
Of pleasure and pain.

I know of the good and the bad,
The happy and the sad.
I am a man of emotions.

A man who loves this land,
And the beauty of its sand.
I know the spring’s fresh flow
And autumn’s golden glow,
Of a new born calf’s hesitation,
And an eagle’s destination.

I know of tall pines,
And long waiting lines.
Of the warmth of campfires,
And the agony of flat tires.

I’m a man who loves his job
And the life that I live.

I am a man who works with God,
I cannot succeed without his help,
For you see,
I’m just a farmer
Plain and simple.



Bobby Collier, owner and operator of 3 Hills Farm, is the author of the original poem “I’m Just a Farmer, Plain and Simple” as featured in Tennessee Farm Bureau magazines and adapted for RFD TV.