Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Fall Creek Falls State Park, the sheep of 3 Hills Farm dot the landscapes of our hillsides in a picturesque way appreciated by all who visit. With over 30 years of experience in the sheep industry, 3 Hills Farm has established itself as one of the largest breeders of Border Cheviot Sheep in the state of Tennessee. We work diligently in raising and acquiring those sheep that best represents this breed’s characteristics. Many local, state and national winners are found on our farm as well as those bloodlines that are known to be proven winners. Being a meat breed has afforded us the opportunity of selling to individuals and local retail establishments as well as partnering with restaurants in the Chattanooga area where our lamb has been featured as one of their award winning signature dishes. We shear yearly and transport our wool to a mill in Ohio. We have it processed into roving, batting, and yarn to utilize in our wool line of products inclusive of dryer balls, nesting balls, and felted soaps. It is then marketed throughout the United States to those individuals who appreciate the cheviot wool for its superior loft. In 2018, a request to incorporate sheep milk soap into our line of natural products resulted in the purchase of an East Friesian Ewe. The success of this line of products prompted the purchase of 2 more dairy sheep for the upcoming year. Together with their lambs they compose a small dairy flock that shares the farm with the border cheviots. The diversity of our sheep farming has allowed us to expand our markets and education in the areas of food, fiber and milk. We welcome guest every year to the farm who spend “hands on” time learning about our sheep and the benefits that sheep can provide for us . We enjoy sharing our passion with others and open our farm for scheduled visits from June through September.

Available: Farm Tours, Custom Lamb, Wool Fiber Yarn, Soap and Oils, Other, sheep milk